EAS Build For Android Failing at "Run Gradlew"

Expo Managed Workflow, Expo 5.3.0 SDK 42, eas-cli/0.48.1 win32-x64 node-v14.15.0


I’ve used EAS services for my employer for over a year and t has worked just fine.

I recently added some functionality to our mobile app that was ready for publishing, I also updated my eas-cli to the latest version and capitalized some file names for components that were not altered.

The app runs fine locally on the expo go app for both IOS and Android but when we try to submit, it doesn’t pick up one of those files that I capitalized in the components folder (that is 100% definitively there).

Here is a screenshot from the logs:

Hi @chabajosa

Windows is case insensitive. The build servers run on Linux which is not. If you check the file in Git you will probably find that the case doesn’t match how it’s being imported in the code.

See e.g.:

You’re absolutely right, just checked the GitHub repo and those are still lowercased.

Thank you so much mate.

May the code force be with you.

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