EAS Production Plan per month doesn't show build limits

My free plan for EAS build (30 builds /month) is exceeded , I have planed for a subscription of the Production Plan (99$ / month). But I couldn’t find the Limits of build added for the subscription.

hi there!

can you elaborate on what you mean about not being able to find the limits?

you should be able to see this information on your billing page: Log In — Expo

Hi @snss

I think you’re wondering if you get access to more builds if you pay for the production plan. I believe it works as follows. @brents please correct me if I’ve got something wrong:

The pricing page says this about the builds:

i.e. on the Free plan you get 30 Android builds (on Android medium build worker) or 15 iOS builds (on iOS medium build worker) or some combination of Android and iOS builds.

On the Production plan and the Enterprise plan you “pay” $1 or $2 for every Android build and $2 or $4 for every iOS build depending on the size of the build worker. But see below:

So although you have to pay for every build, you get $99 worth of build credits with the Production plan. So you only start paying extra after you have used up the $99 worth of credits.

After you sign up for the production plan, the Billing page will have a section like this:

Of course, the production plan also gives you access to the high priority build queue and you are able to make use of bigger build workers. Also, your builds will not be killed if they take longer than 45 minutes. On the production plan the timeout is 2 hours. And on the production plan you can create two builds at the same time, etc. See the table towards the bottom of the pricing page for more details.

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hi @brents
The free plan gives permission for 30 eas builds per month ,once it is completed in middle of the month I have to pay for the extra usage of builds. And I have planned to buy the Production Plan (99$ / month). And in case of buying it , how-many builds can I put till this month getting over

Hello @wodin ,
Thanks for the reply I have got the thing , even after buying the production plan also I will not be able to place a build till next month .And in need of build have to pay more as 1$ for android build and soo on .

My understanding is that on the production plan, you still get a maximum of 30 free builds per month, but you can do more builds if necessary and you will be billed the amounts listed on the pricing page.

Alternatively, you can build locally on your own machine, as much as you like, for free:

Of course, for iOS builds you will need a Mac. For Android builds, a Linux machine will work, and I believe it should work on Windows with WSL.

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