Eas build in queue: About 4 hours 30 minutes remaining

I just wanted to know whether this is an issue specific to me, or the servers are overcrowded?

I know the free plan has a limit of 30 build, in the last month I haven’t built even one app and right now I did try to build a dev and it tells me (in the Build Details — 6ecd60e8-2893-4f58-a0cd-fe8aa60cfd12 — propertya — Expo):

About 4 hours 30 minutes remaining

I hope this is not related to my account, is it global or just for me?

I have the same problem since this afternoon. Builds seem to take over three hours to complete (if they ever complete)

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Thank you for replying, the information you provided are really helpful!

here is more information about eas build queues: fyi/eas-build-queues.md at main · expo/fyi · GitHub


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