EAS Build Plans - Free Builds

I have a question on the 30 included builds in the free plan.
Do the 30 free builds include builds that have failed? I am building my first Expo app and I have ran into issues getting my ios app to build due to an error in an npm package. I managed to find a solution but it took me 15 or so builds to finally resolve all the errors (the app was running fine with no errors in Expo Go so I couldn’t test my fixes there).

So does this mean I only have 15 more builds this month, even though I’ve only had a couple of successful builds?

First of all, build limits are currently not rolled out yet, so you don’t have to worry about it right now. In general though, there will most likely be a certain time threshold for builds to be counted towards those quota. After all, a failed build that takes 15 minutes uses just as many server resources as a successful build. However, a build that fails or cancels after a minute doesn’t.

More specific details around this will be published closer to this feature being rolled out.

Oh ok. That wasn’t really clear on this page: Expo Application Services (EAS) Pricing. Everything else mentions that the pricing will take into effect later this year but since that line item doesn’t say that I thought it was already being implemented.

Thank you for the quick response!