Free Expo Build

about the free expo build package that is given 30build/month…
if I enter in the next month, will I still get another 30 builds again?

For example, if my build in April was 30 builds, will I get another 30 builds in the next month (May)…?

that’s how it works, but rather than being based on a calendar month it’s based on a “billing period”, which is specific to an account.

you can see info on your usage and billing period here:[account]/settings/usage

yes i have seen it and i filtered it 30 days.

Is the free plan billing period under the red line (on the words “include with plan”)?

you don’t need to change it to 30 days. choose “Current billing period” from the area i indicated in the screenshot above.

the line indicates the allowed number of builds under your plan (free plan) for the cycle

ok clear for me, now. Thanks brents :grinning:

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