eas-cli build using hosted asc api key like eas submit


I noticed that when setting up CI, eas build -p ios will skip Provisioning Profile validation. I see we can pass environment variables so that eas build can authorise with apple connect, as documented here: Triggering builds from CI - Expo Documentation

My question is, since eas submit has the functionality to manage credentials, could eas build simply use those hosted credentials on expo servers for its needs too? Specifically, expo created and is now hosting all information for a ASC Api key when the first submission was done. I can login to my expo dashboard and view all the information the previous document was requesting I store in environment variables.

Hello i can see your post and i must say

  1. Use eas-cli for Building:
  • Continue using eas-cli for building your project as you normally would. This tool is designed to simplify the build process for Expo projects.
  1. Custom Script for Submission:
  • After building your project with eas-cli, you can create a custom script (e.g., a Bash or Node.js script) that handles the submission process.
  1. Azure Security Center API Key:
  • Obtain the Azure Security Center API key you need for authentication. You may need to use Azure’s REST API to interact with Azure Security Center programmatically.

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