Is it possible to use the --non-interactive and --auto-submit flag on eas build using Github Actions?


So I’ve been trying to create a CD pipeline using Github actions, specifically building iOS using this command

eas build --profile preview -p ios --auto-submit-with-profile=test --non-interactive

However, when I manually run that command within my local, it runs fine due to my profile in eas.json already have the ascApiKeyPath, ascApiKeyIssuerId, ascApiKeyId set. But when I ran it on Github actions (and because the keyPath is a git ignored file since it’s a secret), I wasn’t able to build and submit it successfully.

Is there a way to submit the build through Github actions with these types of secrets? Perhaps create a secret within Expo and read it through an env variable using app.config.js? Please let me know if there’s a way, thank you!

Have you added the following command to your yaml? It installs expo in your GitHub Action and sets the credentials based on username and password in your repository’s secret. More details from Expo here.

-uses: expo/expo-github-action@v6
expo-version: 4.x
eas-version: latest
expo-cache: true
username: ${{ secrets.EXPO_CLI_USERNAME }}
password: ${{ secrets.EXPO_CLI_PASSWORD }}