Do I need to buy a mac? Looking at using ExpoKit

Hi guys, I’ve been building my app over the course of the last 5 months and it’s getting close to where I’m ready to release it.

There’s only one issue and that is regarding the payments module. I’ve looked everywhere for alternatives but it appears that apple demand that I use their in app purchases model which I’m OK with.

As there isn’t a payments module available without detaching, I’m going to have to detach.

I want to release my app on both iOS and android, but I only have a windows PC. My question is whether there is an alternative to me spending a lot of money on a MAC. Is using a virtual machine possible? or are there any other tools available?

I believe in my app idea and will spend the money on one if I need to, but just want to make sure I’m not missing any alternatives


Hi! If you need to build a detached app for iOS, you’ll need access to a mac to run the builds and to submit to the app store. You can run some builds using a service like TravisCI or CircleCI, and you might also look at renting a hosted mac using a service like MacStadium (we currently use machines from them for our standalone app build service).

At least You will need iPhone to test your apps, in some cases the simulator is better, but it depends… And You will need Xcode to upload final app in apple store, for this reason You could use Mac

In most time You could use your PC, so you could have one simple Mac (like Mac mini/or hakintosh) and fastest PC

Thanks man, I never even thought of renting a hosted mac. This sounds like just the avenue I’ll go down. Thankyou!

@methtos2018, Thanks for replying man, I do have an iPhone 8 that I run tests on, I’ts just the idea of detastching without mac that’s the issue

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