Build Expo ios without mac and ios phone

is it possible to build an ios application using windows? without mac and ios phone?

Is it possible…sure. The only thing a Mac is needed for is XCode for actually uploading your IPA to AppStore. I do not own a MAC personally, so I rent an online one via MacInCloud.

I also think there is some apple specific stuff needed to get your Apple developer account set up (don’t know for sure as someone else set up my team’s).

As for testing on a device you could always try a sim device…but some feature don’t work on a sim device like push notifications.

I develop solely on a Win10 laptop running WSL…fortunately my son has an iphone so I have an actual device to test certain things on.

So is it possible…yes its possible but if you think your going to have a decent amount of iOS users you might be best to buy a cheap used iphone for testing purposes.

But a Mac is definitely not needed as I said…I don’t own one and have had zero issues uploading my IPAs via a rented machine from MacInCloud.

thankyou for your response .

i also want to ask. how to get a team on apple developer. bacause when i run expo build:ios i get an error of “no associated team”

So not exactly sure how to set up a team Apple Developer account. Someone else on my dev team did it…I do remember them saying it was a but of a pain.

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