Building ExpoKit without Mac

I am Android + Windows guy and I just found out I need to eject our app because of missing support for background geo location. Anyway, I want to ask here for experience and guidance how to approach this when trying to build for iOS.

Well, the first shock came when I tried to run exp detach - I cannot even create iOS project without Mac?

Can’t create an iOS project since you are not on macOS. You can rerun this command on macOS in the future to add an iOS project. Enter ‘yes’ to continue and just create an Android project

Why does detach needs, Mac? I don’t want it to build, I just want to create project that CRNA normally includes and then hopefully use Microsoft Mobile Center to do build for me.

So many obstacles on Apple route, they want subscription money just being able to develop projects and now this.

Yeah, sadly, Apple’s build tools don’t exist for Windows. So Expo for iOS only works if (1) you don’t detach or (2) you do detach but you own a machine running macOS.

I wish I had a better answer for you!

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