Do I really need to buy a Mac computer to upload to to Apple?


I’m a happy Microsoft platform developer. And I’m wondereing if I really need to buy a Mac computer to be able to upload my iOS bundle to Apple?

What did everybody else do?

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According to the latest Expo CLI, these commands work on macOS only. (I upload on both App and Play Store.)

You don’t need to necessary buy a Mac, you can run a virtual environment with macOS.

If you’re just dipping your toes in, you could try doing pay-as-you-go with a Mac cloud provider like All you really need access to in that last step is the XCode CLI (if you use expo upload:ios).

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I tried WMWare and could’nt get permissions to install Expo and failed unlocking the whole security system in the BIOS.

What Virtual Machine software are you using?

And do you upload both from Mac? And how? Installing Expo there? How do you connect to the same project and stuff?

I might go for that one. Did’nt succeed with the Virtual Machine so far …it’s a hack solution and and troubleshooting unducumented hacks is not a bliss.

How did you get arround running expo upload:ios from a different laptop? I have to run that one from the project folder, right?

Our app is checked into online source control (Github). We can clone the repo to a different computer/ folder. Doesn’t matter what kind of source control, but some kind would be essential for doing this (and a good idea for other reasons). You could maybe do it by cloning folders with Dropbox/ file copy or something, but you would have to make sure it excludes node_modules - that stuff takes forever to copy and is best handled by running npm install or yarn on each machine to restore the dependencies.

Sounds like I have to figure out how GitHub works for development. Excluding a subfolder is not possible out of the box with cloud storage …might be with more advanced techniques …but might as well spend my time doing it the real way.

Thanks a lot Keith! That was very helpful!

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