Clarity on who can perform the build process.

Before posting your question, make sure you’ve read the documentation for both EAS Build & Submit.

If your Android or iOS build is failing- make sure you do your own research on the error message first before posting (this will give you a better understanding, and you might even find that someone else has already solved the issue!) It is not up to the Expo team to debug your project or build.

In your post, please share:

  • Whether you are bare or managed workflow
  • Your eas-cli version
  • What you have tried so far

Hi, I need to clarify if I purchase the EAS production plan from Expo, will the expo team build and publish the app to play store or app store for me? Or do I have to build and publish it on my own?

hi there!

anyone on your team with the developer role can create builds and publish to the app/play store.

Yes, I am the developer. I am having issues in creating builds so I’m looking for a service where I could pay the expo team where they can create the build for us.

Will expo team not create the build for us?

hi there! sorry i don’t understand the question. what do you mean by create the build? can you elaborate?

I want to know is there any web service for Expo where I can pay them so that they can create build for me and even publish that to play store?

@keith-kurak Can you help me on this one. It’s kind of urgent since expo team isn’t replying to my mails, I have to give an answer to my company who’s working on expo project.

Expo’s job is to build and supply the tools and then provide services that you can use to build your app and submit it to the stores. They do not run eas build for you.

Your question is unusual and a little hard to understand. Is it a problem for someone from your company to run eas build instead of paying another company to do it? If they insist on paying another company to do it, I am pretty sure one of the companies listed on the “consultants” page will be willing and able to do that for you.

If you’re getting build errors when you try to build your app, then post the details here (or ask on Discord) and someone will probably be able to help.