Account issue for my app

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If your Android or iOS build is failing- make sure you do your own research on the error message first before posting (this will give you a better understanding, and you might even find that someone else has already solved the issue!) It is not up to the Expo team to debug your project or build.

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Not sure if this is the Appropriate forum for my qn. am new to expo. I hired a developer on Fiverr to configure my app. The Order had to be cancelled at his request. But he created expo account with and the new developer I hired do not seem to be able to edit the app due to access issue.

I am the owner of the app …how can I solve this issue ?

Is there a way to reach out to Expo team to explain the matter ?

Much appreciated

hi there!

please refer to this docs page: Working Together - Expo Documentation - it should cover everything you need to know about collaborating on a project with another developer.

if you have specific questions or error messages to share, or links to a project or account to help investigate, please feel free to share here.