Can't connect with iPhone and Android Simulator

I can’t use my iPhone and Android simulator to debug Expo Apps.

I have gave Expo all permission to go through my firewall. Reinstalled Expo on PC and iPhone. Changed Tunnel to LAN or localhost , changed exp to http or redirect. Changed to my others projects which work fine before. Turn off my iPhone’s proxy and PC’s proxy (I have to use proxy since live in China).It all doesn’t worked.

I can use Expo normally 10 days before, then I have to study at a place where wifi is not so good, I don’t know what they are doing with the wifi, maybe it caused the problem. But Android simulator should be work well, isn’t it?

The error infomation :

Most of them are timeout (pic 1) and “check if you have right IP address in ABI18…”

(Sorry I can only upload 1 picture)


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Android Simulator:

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I’m really sorry you have to go through this! Are you saying that after you used another places wifi you were unable to use Expo again?

Yeah, but during this time, I have upgraded my Expo version to 18 too, same as this post . I think the Expo version is more likely, I have changed my wifi to a USB wifi ( network come from a 4G mobile card, insert in USB slot. A USB disk like wireless router ), and it was still broken.

I just unchecked DEVELOPMENT MODE then it works fine. It must be something broken in development mode.

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I’m glad that works at least! Sorry about the hassle.