Cant connect to expo on iOS device, but worked yesterday!

Hey guys,

I got expo up and running yesterday no problems, using CRNA and XDE. The issue is I loaded up everything today the same as yesterday, but the expo mobile app is saying it cant connect to server (1004 error). Ive searched online for fixes, but I cant see any with the same issue as me, since the other people having this issue had it resolved by either updating XDE/expo, or using yarn (which I have been using anyway).

I use macOS, and its worth noting the app runs fine on the iOS simulator, but I dont like using it given the choice since it is laggy and unresponsive compared to running the app directly through expo.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I solved it guys, but incase anyone was having the same issue as me, it was something to do with my companies network having issues.

I made a tunnel connection instead and all good now :slight_smile:

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