Can't use the app after starting the remote debugger

I have constantly been getting this error recently and once I get it there’s not much I can do to get back to normal and keep developing the app. This is interrupting my workflow extremely. We are using expo at the startup that I work for and it is crucial that it works on a day to day basis when we are developing the app.

This error occurs once I enable the remote debugger and after it has occurred there’s nothing that I can do to fix it except restart my mac which sometimes doesn’t even work. I think this started occurring once we upgraded to Expo SDK 18.0.0 but I can not confirm that. I hope there’s a solution for this issue or at least one in progress.

More images that I couldn’t include:

Same problem bro. I posted too.
Now I can stop think about reinstalling my Windows :laughing:

Hi, having the same issue now. Any solutions?

I had the same issue. Once I put my IOS simulator into Remote Debug Mode I couldn’t get it to stop remote debugging. The solution was to remove Expo from the simulator and let EXPO XDE reinstall it.

how do you remove Expo from the simulator?

I just found a solution to this. At your simulator, click reset content and settings, restart your project. Once you do this, you no longer in debugging mode.

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This method solves the problem, but it is a really annoying problem since it must rebulid all the bundle over and over… This problems happens every time the debug mode is enabled and the project is restarted…

Yes thats right and further to this I am not able to use the debug mode thus not able to test my program. Is there a better way to resolve this issue?

Hi, we’re tracking this issue here: It appears to be related to an upstream React Native change.

The best bet for now is either (1) turn off the debugger before exiting, or (2) do as others have recommended and reinstall the app. Yep, that’s pretty horrible. We’re working on a fix.


Looks like there’s a fix out!

Going to see if it works anyways good work!

This solution easier than others

This works! Click and hover over your app then select app info > delete!
Works like a charm! Then reinstall your app and dev settings are cleared, and my case also react-native navigation is functioning!