Expo app is not working on iphone

Hi Guys, I’m new to Expo and React Native and need some help. I downloaded expo app on iOS and also expo xde on my windows. My react native project is opening fine and I am connected to the same wifi network and also done all other troubshooting but my project is not opening in expo app.

I’ m receving message “this is taking much longer than it should. you might want to check your internet connectivity”.

Please help, thanks

Hey @nativeprojects,

I would recommend installing our new devtool by running npm - g expo-cli. Start your project with expo start. Let me know if you still have issues opening your project.



Hi @adamjnav

This is an issue with my wifi network although I am using my home personal wifi. I connected my laptop and iphone to a phone hotspot and app is working fine.

Any idea how to tackle this wifi issue?

Many thanks ,

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Check if wifi is set to “private” connection and if the firewall is blocking connections.


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