Can't cancel trial or downgrade to free plan

Hi, I decided I didn’t have a use for the Priority plan at the moment, but I’ve got to the end of my trial period and I now can’t cancel billing or downgrade plans - I see “Your account is past due. Please update your payment information to regain access to the EAS Priority Plan.” and my card keeps being repeatedly being attempted to be charged (which declines). I’m considering just deleting my account, but I’d prefer to keep all my data and just have this billing issue sorted.

Hi - Apologies for the issue. You absolutely should be able to downgrade. We’ll get this made right for you tomorrow and make sure you aren’t wrongly charged for an extra month.

Hey @lukeramsden! I can cancel your subscription for you, but before I do I just wanted to ask if you could send a screenshot of the UI you see at

Even with a past due subscription, you should still be able to edit it (including cancelling the subscription altogether):

If you don’t see the Edit button, let me know, since that means we definitely have a bug on our hands

@charliecruzan I see the edit button, but nothing to cancel once editing

Aha, thanks for sharing that. I believe I’ve found the bug in our UI now :slight_smile:

Anyways, your subscription is cancelled now and I can confirm that no successful charges went through

That’s perfect, thank you!