How to purchase the Priority plan for 1 year instead of 1 month ?


I am working within an Software Enterprise and I would like to purchase directly 1 Year of the Priority plan. Is it possible ? If yes, how ?

It won’t be possible for me to give a credit card number or an IBAN to pay every month. For that reason I would like a bill for one year of Priority Plan that my Enterprise will pay.

Thank you for your answer.


Emmanuel ESCOLA.

Hi! I’m not sure I fully understand- even if we did a yearly subscription (we don’t currently offer anything like that), we would still require a card for a payment method. Could you use a prepaid card instead of a credit card?


Thank you for your answer. I will check in my Enterprise if it is possible to make a payment with a credit card. As far as I know the process for getting licences from JetBrains for example is we ask for a quote for one year of licences, the Enterprise proceeds to the payment (mostly by bank transfer) and then we receive the licences.

I will investigate how we can do this for a monthly subscription so that it would be paid every month instead of paying directly for one year.

Is it possible to send me a quote for a subscription of one account for the Priority Plan (ideally for 12 months directly, if not possible a quote for 1 month renewed every month automatically) ?


Hello again,

I have check within my Enterprise, we will be able to pay with Credit Card, but is there an option once we have proceed to the first payment for being automatically charged the next months in sort that we do not have to proceed to the payment again each month ?

Thanks in advance for your answer.


@charliecruzan I think the concern is having to get someone from the finance department to enter credit card details every month. @eescola is that right?

I assume this won’t be necessary? I assume Expo will charge the credit card every month automatically?


Yes it is exactly that.


Yes, Expo will charge the card every month, there’s no need to re-enter your card details manually (unless you want to change the payment method you’re using)

Ok thank you for your feedback !

Last question please : will there be a bill emitted every month ?