EAS Support - subscription issue


i have been on the subscription plan for the past 6months and having tried to do a build today found that i am on free tier and new plan is 99$ where as the previous plan was 29$.

there does not seem to be an easy way to get hold of support - can someone direct me to an email or chat please.

You can contact support via secure@expo.dev

29$ plan was discontinued, but existing subscriptions were not canceled. New plans were created after EAS Builds reached general availability and include more benefits than old priority plans. Note that now EAS Build is also available in a free tier.

Thanks wkozyra for the feedback will reach out to support.

Although the new free tier is great the new pricing plan is not manageable for the likes of me. I was very happy with the previous plan as a paid subscriber. I understand company needs to find a way to monetise such service so it can continue to thrive.