Cannot change to Free Tier

Hello. Ive been using EAS for a long time, recently I updated to SDK 47 and in part of the tooling upgrade i had to make an EAS account. I just got my first Bill for the monthly usage, which I was not expecting because I thought I had created an account at the free tier.
I would now like to downgrade to the free tier, but I don’t see any way to accomplish that in the console.

You can change it here Log In — Expo

Normally to access that page via UI you would need to open drop-down menu with list of accounts in top left corner and go to the account settings by clicking on the cog icon next to the specific account. On the account settings page, billing is one of the entries in the menu on left.

I have seen that, but there is no option to switch to free plan.
There is a ‘cancel plan’ button but no explanation what it does.
Do I want to cancel my plan? Not exactly, I want to switch to the free plan

Do I want to cancel my plan?

Yes, free plan = no plan, so you want to cancel it.

Ok good to know. Thank you! I would suggest changing that, deleting my plan sounds like my account will become non-existent … which is very scary … a free tier is, in my mind, still a plan, and I believe the convention in other cloud SAAS’s.