How to downgrade from premium to free

We have been using the premium plan but we do not want it anymore, so where can I downgrade my account to a free plan again ?


Of course, sorry that is not more obvious!
You can go to, click Edit on the plan, and then cancel.
If you are already out of the trial period, you will retain access to the plan until the end of the billing cycle, but will not be charged again.

We would much appreciate if you let us know a bit more about why you decided you no longer want the plan!


We denied the payment directly into our credit card and now I’m seeing only the following message:
Your account is past due. Please update your payment information to regain access to Developer Services.

Hi @energybank, nothing you need to do here in order to stay on the free plan.

As TC mentioned, we’d love if you have a few moments to let us know why you decided to downgrade, but we wish you well either way!

Thanks for update and quick reply, I’ll be sure to keep an eye on this thread. I am looking for the same issue.