Cannot upload app to ItunesConnect with Transporter

Hello guys,
I have trouble uploading my app to ItunesConnect since yesterday.
My problem is that whenever I deliver my app to ItunesConnect, the loading, labeled " VERIFYING APP - Authenticating with the App Store ", is infinite.
I let it load for the whole night and nothing changed.

I looked for solutions but I’ve found nothing. I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with my code. I tried to upload an old package, which has been fine the last time, and the issue was the same.

I also tried to directly use expo upload:ios but the loading is too long. I waited about 30 minutes to get like 10% progress.

Do you guys have any solution ? Thanks in advance

Hey guys, problem solved
I updated both my expo-cli, my Mac OS and redownloaded XCode and it is now working fine

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