Impossible load .ipa to AppleStoreConnect

I built .ipa file using exp build:ios command (buildId: d23997f9-fc30-4de4-8f28-1aba5651cba2), and it’s impossible loading the .ipa via Application Loader - there is the message
“No suitable application records were found. verify your bundle identifier ‘com.{company name in lower case}.{app name in lower case}’ is correct.”

Did you “verify your bundle identifier is correct”?

what’s problems possible with simple bundle identifier?

You need to either create the record manually in App Store Connect first, or you can use a tool like fastlane which will do this for you automatically.

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ben actually tries to help me and thnks a lot him, but i don’t see any help of you…

The error message you are seeing is from Apple and related to the upload to silence it you will need to add an app in iTunes connect. The SO I linked you is a pretty accurate solution that lays the problem out clearly. xcode - New iTunes Connect - No suitable application records were found. Verify your bundle identifier - Stack Overflow

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If there was the plus button I’d use it with pleasure))
unfortunately, there is no such button

pardon, I have experience only with windows and android and work with apple’s firstly

huh interesting, are you on the paid dev plan? Before You Enroll - Apple Developer Program

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anyway I think it needs deciding the issue why i don’t have the plus)) with lead, thanks a lot for the detailed help

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How You upload the App ? I noticed that standalone uploader works less stable than uploader in last Xcode version

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