Unable to update iOS app

Hello! I have been trying to upload a new version of my RN App with expo in App Store (iOS) and I was getting the error “Redundant Binary Upload” I have managed to change the build in the xcode and it finnally let me compile according to the following:


[11:44:12]: iTunes Transporter successfully finished its job

[11:44:14]: ------------------------------------------ --------------------------

[11:44:14]: Successfully uploaded package to App Store Connect. It might take a few minutes until it’s visible online.

[11:44:14]: ------------------------------------------ --------------------------

[11:44:14]: Successfully uploaded the new binary to App Store Connect

[11:44:14]: Skip waiting for build processing

[11:44:14]: This means that no changelog will be set and no build will be distributed to testers

All done! You may want to go to App Store Connect (https://appstoreconnect.apple.com) and share your build with your testers.

Please also see our docs (https://docs.expo.io/…/latest/distribution/uploading-apps/) to learn more about the upload process.


but that compilation does not appear in the tunnel / itunes connect, it has been hours and nothing, do you know what it could be? How do you see the compilation in the tunnel store? using the expo upload command: ios I got the following https://docs.expo.io/.../latest/distribution/uploading-apps/ The problem I have is that the compilation does not appear to me in the tunnel / itunes connect! What can I do?

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