Can someone clarify how expo works when building an application? (EAS)

I have built an application with EAS from expo on their web platform. But I am confused about the final result and its publication in a store (Apple Store or Play Store). My question is about when you generate an application (.apk or .aab) in Expo. Is this application linked to Expo (I mean it’s like Heroku for web environments) or is the application independent of Expo and I don’t need to use it again later?

For example, in the hypothetical case that I want to transfer my application to an organization. But I have built the application with a personal account in Expo. Should I also give my personal expo account to the organization? Or the organization dispenses with my account.

Thanks to everyone for your answers.

hi there!

you can leave the EAS platform whenever you like, you’re not tied to it. should you wish to transfer a project to another account, you may do that as well, more info here.