How can I build multiple apps on Expo with EAS?

Hello friends, recently I am working on an application for iOS and Android. However I have a doubt. For example, I have application “A” but I also have to build an application “B” similar to application “A”, with some modifications. Can someone guide me to build both apps in the same account?..without app B overwriting app A. I think I should configure the “app.json” file and define the different names. or what other parameter do you suggest I change? So that finally I can deploy two different applications in a single Expo account.

I really appreciate your response.

Hi @paolocar, yes you can do this and our team done multiple apps from the same repo for many years.

Correct you will need to modify app.config.(x) and eas.json (if you use eas build) files.

There are many ways to do this, I recommend changing environment variables in your shell then use them in the files

using an app.config.js file should be a good start

export default ({ config }) => {
  return {
    name: process.env.NAME,
    icon: process.env.APP_ICON,

Injecting env vars to a json file is a little trickier, I recommend writing a shell script and using a command line tool like jq

Thank you friend. I will try the solution that you propose. thank you very much for the answer.