Deploy application on apple store with EAS

Hello friends, I have found in the expo documentation that to build an .IPA application using EAS you need the credentials of the Apple developer account. But now I have a doubt. I need to generate an .IPA application but I will not be the one who uploads it to the Apple store, the company I work for (who also has an Apple developer account as a company) will be in charge of uploading the application to the store. There are problems that I build the .IPA application using EAS with my account but this application is uploaded to the store with another account (the company account)?

I appreciate your comments.

You need to build IPA using credentials generated from that account. If you are not a part of their team, then they need to generate credentials and give it to you.

You can specify those credentials in credentials.json file Using local credentials - Expo Documentation or specify them in cli when building.

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Ok, thank you so much…I really appreciate your response.