Trouble with making *.apk* file in eas-cli.

I’m trying to create .apk file with eas for testing my app before publish. But there’s no option to generate .apk, It automatically generate Android App Bundle. I’ve tried so many things but It didn’t worked for me.

Expo Version : 44.0.0
Workflow : managed
I tried to change gradle command to assembleBuild but EAS uses bundleRelease command. If I try expo build:android it asks for apk or appBundle but It consumes too much time. Please, help me to fix it. I think as expo build:android EAS also have to ask for either apk or appBundle.

Sorry If my english is too bad.

It is best to use .aab files when submitting to the Play store, but you can build with the preview profile to get a .apk for testing.