Building iOS and versioning


Say I’ve just built for iOS using expo build:ios and I’ve used the version number ‘4.1.2’ and its reached testflight.

Now say I found an error in my code and I wanted to build again and get it on test flight, do I have to increment the code to 4.1.3 in order for it to process correctly? Or can I just build using 4.1.2?

Also there is a setting buildNumber for iOS in the app.json? Should this be used?

Here is just a few snippets from my app.json

"expo": {
   "name": "Test App",
   "version": "4.1.2",
   "slug": "v2",
   "sdkVersion": "28.0.0",
   "privacy": "unlisted",
   "orientation": "portrait",
   "ios": {
     "buildNumber": "1",
     "supportsTablet": true
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Hey @mjameson2018,

If your build has successfully reached TestFlight, you will have to increment in order for your new .ipa to be able to be processed. Using the buildNumber property allows you more freedom to configure your own build number



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