What should I do when run 'expo build:ios', after update apple provisioning profile?

I need update my app’s provisioning profile.
But I have heard that updating the profile affects the version upgrade of the application.
Is there any other effect of updating the profile?
And I usually use expo build:ios --release-channel xxxxx --config app.json to build, but do I need other options?



Have you tried
expo build:ios --clear-provisioning-profile from
Expo’s docs on app signing?

I am not sure about the version upgrade. I think it is unlikely that you have to update your version? But maybe the build number in your app.json should be changed:

        "ios": {
            "supportsTablet": true,
            "bundleIdentifier": "...",
            "buildNumber": "0",

Thanks for your response.

I will try --clear-provisioning-profile while reading the reference.
It seems that the version in app.json needs to be increased when I delivery by Transporter.

In this case, I think that may not need change the buildNumber.

I will continue to investigate!

Yes i think you are right. We are using the build number in our project. We use it for things not related to business, like updating a provisioning profile we would just update the buildNumber.

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