How to set iOS buildNumber or SKU?

I use the following process to get my apps into the app store. I run expo build:ios I then download that IPA and then download that file and use the application loader to upload that file to the appstoreconnect and create me build and release. This worked great the first time. Now when I try and upload a new build it tells me I have already used my build number, in the application loader it shows this as “SKU” and it is marked as 1. I tried setting SKU and buildNumber in the app.json before doing my expo build but it did not seem to work. Googling mostly showed me how to get builds moved into test flight or how to do this if you are automatically uploading your file to the app store. Is there a way to do this with just the build command?

Hi! You should be able to configure this via the expo.ios.buildNumber key in app.json (which I know you said you’ve tried already)

Could you make sure you’ve used the correct format?

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