Expo OTA updates and versions

Hi all!

I have questions about the OTA updates, how it really works and about version numbers.
If I want to update my app with OTA update, should I increment my app version or not? If I increment(ed) my app version, with OTA update, does it really update on the devices? Or it does not update, because the app.json file has changed. Or it does update only the JS files except the app.json?

The iOS buildnumber is not present in my app.json. So I suppose its always 1. If I upload a new build to Testflight is It enought to increment only the iosBuildNumber? When should I actually increase the iosBuildNumber?

Thanks in advance!

versions have no effect on OTA updates, to decide whether a specific app will get an update only release channel and sdk version is taken into account

version and buildNumber only affects store uploads

Thanks for answer.
If I upload the build to Testflight and catch a bug. Then I should increment the buildNumber instead of the app version, if I upload again the build right?

It’s up to you. But I would just increment the build number each time for TestFlight builds. If you don’t use CI system, you can setup auto increment in your eas.json file.

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