Build plan not working

Hi, I just bought a $99 plan but my builds still go to the classic queue … There is a delay ?

What do you see on Log In — Expo ? You should see EAS Production if it’s enabled. Also note that those plans are connected to the owner of the app not to the account that runs builds, so if you have the owner field set to some organization that org has to be on that plan, not your personal account.

If you are referring to classic on the build list is not related to build priority/concurency. All builds that you run via expo build:ios / expo build:android, this is our legacy service, to use EAS Build you need to use eas-cli e.g. eas build -p ios EAS Build - Expo Documentation

Actually I was looking for building the apk file for android … but looks like I still have to use expo build:android -t apk which go to the classic queue …

There is a way using eas to build apk file ?

eas is a totally new build service we introduced recently, migrating from classic build service requires some configuration, but eas build command should take care of the most changes for the managed projects.

If you don’t want to migrate anything yet in your project you can still use classic build service, your builds should still go on priority queue on the new plan.

There is a way using eas to build apk file ?

yes, (running the first build will generate default eas.json for you)

I was able to generate apk within eas ! Thanks

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