How to build `apk` file using eas build?

Running eas build --platform android gives aab file but it cannot be installed to test, how to build apk file using eas build?

  • managed workflow
  • eas-cli/0.37.0 version
  • sdk 42
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In docs you published previously is present command example eas build -p android --profile preview. Do default profile exist when it is not specified like eas build --platform android? What default profile name is? Is it mandatory to have production profile inside build section?

  "build": {
    "production": {}

This is my development profile. Specify “android.buildType” to “apk” and you will get an apk.

"development": {
      "extends": "_node",
      "releaseChannel": "dev",
      "distribution": "internal",
      "env": {
        "BRIDGE_DEV": "true",
        "FF_EARN_2": "true"
      "android": {
        "buildType": "apk"
      "cache": {
        "key": "9d704401-53fd-4abc-bd69-dabcba6f6f7d"

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