EAS build fail while EXPO build don’t

I am facing a issue when I am trying to build a new Android or iOS version using EAS.
I normally use expo build to create versions and I do not have any issues.
The error mention that the package is not declare but I have set in my app.json the package.

Is somebody had this issue or could know what could be?

are you using an app.config.js that is dynamic based on some environment? it looks like when you start the build a package name is present but when it runs on the worker it is not. share a link to your build page here

I am using app.json file.
the link is Build Details — c901ba2e-fe1c-4583-8220-176f568c36b6 — oppty-re — Expo

you don’t seem to have much in your app.json

i’m pretty intrigued about how you might have got into this state. can you possibly share your project with me on github? if not, check out fyi/eas-build-archive.md at main · expo/fyi · GitHub and let me know what you find. it seems like the android directory doesn’t exist in your project but it’s being detected as a bare project

it is very strange. I modify my metro.config.js and index.js conform to the expo migration process from expo-cli to EAS and now I am having the follow issue
Your project must have a bundleIdentifier set in the Expo config (app.json or app.config.js).

if I use expo-cli to create a build is working but using eas build don’t :frowning:

@brents this is weird because I have set all the all ios and android attributes on my app.json.
do I need a extra config to eas map correctly my app.json?

can you share your project with me on github? i’m brentvatne on github

sorry @brents I am not allow to shared repo but Ill be happy to share any file your thing could have issues.
I am looking that my app.json is included in the .gitignore , could be this the reason?

yes, that would be a big problem :wink:

Nice! I will try to build again.
there is a way to build locally without having the error /
Yarn is not available, make sure it's installed and in your PATH
I am using npm.
eas build --platform ios --local

or a faster way to make builds cuz I notice eas lastly take hours to make each build?

fyi/eas-build-queues.md at main · expo/fyi · GitHub - more info about queueing

re: using yarn - maybe your project has a yarn.lock? or you aren’t checking in your package-lock.json?

I only use NPM.

@brents questions about not including app.json to gitignore , EAS make the build from git repo?

that is the default, yeah. more info here: fyi/eas-build-archive.md at main · expo/fyi · GitHub

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