EAS can not see that my account is Priority !!

Hello, EAS can not see that my account is Priority !! when I run eas build --platform android
I get this : “Error: Your account doesn’t have access to Expo Application Services (EAS) features. Enroll in EAS to give it a try: Expo Application Services (EAS)

but only 5 minutes ago, all work without any problem !
please help me

owner of the app project is the same as the expo account with eas priority plan. I do not change it.

I found the problem ! I add a new file, app.config.json for move here the plugin section, I run eas build:configure without pay atention and it add some information inside app.json.config, so eas build, look only at app.config.json and ignore app.json. Now I understand my problem. I move app.config.json to app.config.js and import config with this code

export default ({ config }) => {
return {
plugins: [
icon: ‘./src/assets/notificationIcon.png’,
color: ‘#ffffff’,
mode: ‘production’,
and add the plugin section.

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