Inherited old expo build project, upgrading to EAS build has updated prod app?


I have an old expo project that hasn’t required updates for 8+ months. I needed to generate a new dev build so I made the necessary changes to use eas build.

I then ran the below to create an internal build.

"preview": {
            "distribution": "internal",
            "android": {
                "buildType": "apk"

The app.json did have:

"updates": {
            "fallbackToCacheTimeout": 0,

and then I ran
eas build -p android --profile preview

We then got notified that users off the prod app were having issues, turns out after re-opening the app they all have the dev build??

This is all new to me so I have no idea how to revert or fix.


eas build would not affect your production app. App on production could be affected if you run

  • eas update (if you are using EAS Update)
  • expo publish (if you are using classic updates)
  • expo build:ios / expo build:android (it’s already disabled, so you can’t run builds anymore this way, but I think it still runs expo publish internally at the begining)

To revert it you need to use either expo publish:rollback or eas update:republish depending on what type of update service your production builds are using(EAS Update or classic updates).

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ahh so I did initially do expo build:android before realising it didn’t exist anymore. So that could have pushed the code direct into the prod app?

The only other things I tried was an eas preview build with and without:

"android": {
                "buildType": "apk"

If I was to do expo publish:rollback or eas update:republish would this rollback to the previous version in the app store? I haven’t submitted any new version, we only built an interview preview version.

Thanks again!

If it was originally built on classic builds you need to use expo publish:rollback.

would this rollback to the previous version in the app store

Neither rollback nor the original build command that caused the update is not doing anything in app store.

When you ran expo build:android it published js bundle to expo servers that apps installed on user phones are downloading and running. After you rollback the changes apps will stop updating to that bundle, and those apps that already downloaded it will download the previous version back from expo.

That is perfect, thanks for your help.

I have performed the rollback.

Thanks again,

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