App freezes (blank screen) on long standby

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 35
  2. Platforms: Android (5.1)

I have some Android 5.1 devices and when I do the following I get a blank (blue) screen. I think its the same color i’ve set in the splashscreen config.

Open the app and turn off the screen(standby) after a few hours (5+?) i get the blue screen and the app doesn’t respond. All I can do is force stop the app and restart it again.

okay, the app is not freezing since it responses to button presses. It just looks like the screens are hidden.

Hey @sweebee,

So this only occurs after an extended period of time in standby (by your estimation ~5+ hours)?


@adamjnav yes, maybe longer but it occurs when the device is in a long standby.

I think I solved it. I removed some eventlisteners with appstate (if background) and added the eventlisteners again with active.

After changing that I could not reproduce it.


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