An unknown error ocurred while using expo push:android:upload.

I am trying to upload my FCM server key using the following command:

expo push:android:upload --api-key <KEY>

However, it always returns these lines:

Reading project configuration...
Logging in...
Setting API key on Expo's servers...
An unknown error occurred.

It’s the same error than in this thread: Unknown error when uploading FCM key

But apparently that issue was already solved a year ago. I have searched other places (github, SO) and everyone got it solved by a fix pushed by the expo team. Anyone else having the same issue or knows how to solve it?

expo-cli version: 2.21.2
OS: Linux Mint

Hey there, please follow updates on this at this forum post. Thanks for posting about it, we’re looking into this!

Edit: a fix has been pushed out to production, see here:

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