Unknown error when uploading FCM

Hi all. We have some problem with expo push notification for android.

exp push:android:upload --api-key MY_TOKEN_HERE
13:54:24 [exp] Reading project configuration...
13:54:24 [exp] Logging in...
13:54:24 [exp] Setting API key on Expo's servers...
13:54:25 [exp] An unknown error occurred.

Can you have any solutions?

Also, we use android push notification without FCM and today app stop working. Now we try to use FCM and this error happens.

Hello! are working on the error, there are many developers who are the same situation as you, just have to be patient and wait! regards

Hi! We’ve pushed out a fix for this, see the forum post below for more info:

Thanks, Expo team <3 for so fast response.

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