😩 Works fine in dev with exp or expokit - published hangs on loading splash in exp ios+android, standalone ios+android

Published version of application hangs on application splash screen :weary:

Recently I upgraded to expo 27.0.0. :disappointed_relieved:

Everything was working great in dev for both android and ios, then I published.

The published version hangs on the loading splash. I have tested the published version on these devices:

  • Exp ios
  • Exp android
  • Expokit standalone ios
  • Expokit standalone android

I found some articles offering “fixes”. I followed their suggestions, but I suspect most of these are out of date.

Things I have tried:

Perhaps the issue here is a javascript error? I suspect it might be in .

My question: How can I debug this? How can I see any javascript errors that might be happening? I’m seeing nothing on the iOS Console, nor Android’s Logcat


Hi @lordfingle. The best way to debug this type of issue is to try reproducing the error in development. If you add --no-dev --minify flags to exp start that will mimic the published version. Then you can start adding logs and seeing where you app is hanging.

Thanks for the reply Jesse. I did see this advice elsewhere. “Unfortunately” ‘exp start --no-dev --minify’ doesn’t have the problem. :disappointed_relieved:

Instead I’ve been in a slow cycle of commenting stuff out and publishing.

It appears to me that the “Apploading” component might be the problem, although without logging I’m working blind here.

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Ok, thanks for trying. If you create a How to create a Minimal, Reproducible Example - Help Center - Stack Overflow that has this issue we can take a look at it. Hard to say what might be wrong without seeing the code.

:woman_shrugging:I turns out I was able to “fix” the problem by deleting and re-installing the app.

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