iOS Freezes on Splash Screen for exp build:ios builds (withdrawn)

UPDATE: Figured it out… issue was with a state that only happened on a fresh install. The assertion below is a red herring. Please disregard.

All packages built from exp build:ios are freezing on the splash screen. When running in the simulator, I see the following in the system log:

ExpoKitApp[64495]: assertion failed: 17E202 15E217: libxpc.dylib + 71589 [22B51B1C-1E07-3FEE-A4E9-60E90E7520D6]: 0x7d

and none of my console logs in App.js (so I don’t think it’s even getting to my javascript).

This is with sdk version 27.0.0

Running in dev mode does not produce this error.

Update: Tried downgrading to 26.0.0 and 25.0.0 (which I was using previously) and it produced the same results.

The behavior seems similar to this issue: Expo standalone iOS app stuck on splash screen

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