Expo app chrashes when executing from deployed instead from development

Hi, I started to explore a bit more expo, and I found I’m not able to execute the application once I deployed an example project.

It works perfectly from react-native-script and from exp start on all the devices, but as soon as I deploy it with exp publish and I access to the uploaded version on the iPhone simulator, real iPhone 8 with expo or Snack I got the same behaviour, I open the application Published Projects and it just shows the splash and it closes.

Initially, I got the issue described on eact-native official github issues nº9599, just saying as maybe it can be related, even so I tried to publishing without and with the solution in my code.

The code is just published on my https://github.com/robertovg/journal-updated and the expo published of this is here: https://expo.io/@robertovg/journal-updated.

I tried after and before updating all libraries, deleting .expo and node_modules, using the package.json from Expo XDE with SDK 27, the forked expo version of react-native and the real one, with and without the piece of code to avoid the fetch problem, I have etc. And always getting the same problem, working like a charm as soon as I got it working on my computer, and failing with published version of the expo.

So really appreciate any help with this.

Hi, you might try running your app locally with dev=false and minify=true, to get a JS bundle similar to what you’d see in production. You may have some code (or a dependency) which behaves differently with dev=false which is generating a fatal error.

Yes good suggestion, I already tried and it works in local on the expo application, in real and simulated IPhone, but exactly the same code doesn’t when I execute exp publish as I said from the beginning, so really strange because actually it should happen.

Anyway just for your information,

Executing this:

exp start --minify --no-dev

I got this output from the console with the dev=false&minify=true still not sure why.

15:00:14 [exp] Running application "main" with appParams: {"rootTag":11,"initialProps":{"exp":{"manifest":{"description":"Updated version of Journal LevelUp tutorial output","developer":{"projectRoot":"/Users/robertovazquezgonzalez/Documents/code-exercises/journal-updated","tool":"exp"},"loadedFromCache":false,"orientation":"portrait","env":{},"platforms":["ios","android"],"xde":true,"id":"@robertovg/journal-updated","hostUri":"a5-xvc.robertovg.journal-updated.exp.direct:80","iconUrl":"http://packager.a5-xvc.robertovg.journal-updated.exp.direct:80/assets/./assets/icon.png","assetBundlePatterns":["**/*"],"mainModuleName":"node_modules/expo/AppEntry","sdkVersion":"27.0.0","isVerified":true,"packagerOpts":{"lanType":"ip","dev":false,"minify":true,"urlRandomness":"a5-xvc","hostType":"tunnel"},"ios":{"supportsTablet":true},"updates":{"fallbackToCacheTimeout":0},"bundleUrl":"http://packager.a5-xvc.robertovg.journal-updated.exp.direct:80/node_modules/expo/AppEntry.bundle?platform=ios&dev=false&minify=true&hot=false&assetPlugin=%2FUsers%2Frobertovazquezgonzalez%2FDocuments%2Fcode-exercises%2Fjournal-updated%2Fnode_modules%2Fexpo%2Ftools%2FhashAssetFiles","version":"1.0.1","debuggerHost":"packager.a5-xvc.robertovg.journal-updated.exp.direct:80","icon":"./assets/icon.png","slug":"journal-updated","name":"journal-updated","privacy":"public","logUrl":"http://a5-xvc.robertovg.journal-updated.exp.direct:80/logs","splash":{"resizeMode":"contain","image":"./assets/splash.png","backgroundColor":"#ffffff","imageUrl":"http://packager.a5-xvc.robertovg.journal-updated.exp.direct:80/assets/./assets/splash.png"}},"initialUri":"exp://","appOwnership":"expo","shell":0}}}. __DEV__ === false, development-level warning are OFF, performance optimizations are ON

Ok, I think the problem was with the Expo servers, after changing the name and key of the project to journal-updated-2 everything started to work like a charm, so not sure why, but somehow and at some point there was no way to update the published application, maybe because I updated the version of the libraries, or because any other side effect on expo CDN or servers.

But the trick works, changing the slug of the app.json to force to deploy as a brand new one.

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