Workaround for Integrating Apple Pay (on the Web) without Ejecting to ExpoKit?

My team and I have a hard requirement to integrate Apple Pay to our Expo project.

I really don’t feel like ejecting to ExpoKit and I’m searching for a possible workaround.

I’ve read the great sum-up by @arcomito here but I was wondering if anyone has any success with integrating either Apple Pay or Apple Pay on the Web?

Expo team, do you think if it is possible that there are 3rd party libraries which could integrate Apple Pay on the Web, without ejecting or that’s technically not possible?

PS: If you crave for this feature too, make sure you upvote the feature request.

Are you just trying to integrate Apple Pay, or in-app purchases specifically? explains the difference.

Apple’s developer terms require that the In-App Purchase API be used for digital “content, functionality, or services”, such as premium content for your app or subscriptions for digital content. Payments made using the In-App Purchase API are processed by Apple with a fee of 30% of the total transaction.

If you dont specifically need in-app purchases (i.e. you are not selling digital goods), integrating Apple Pay through stripe should work without detaching.

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No, I don’t need in-app purchases. I need the user to be able to subscribe (recurring fee) via Apple Pay.

I didn’t quite understand how. Do you mean integrating Apple Pay through Stripe in a webview will work without detaching or did you mean something else?

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