In-App Purchase

Hi. I really like expo but something that is forcing me to eject is lack of In-App purchase API. I read forums where Expo team said that they are hoping to provide something for this by the end of the year. Is there any news for that?

Also if not, what route would you suggest? I tried ejecting but it seems to cause a lot of issues.


Hi @siner55, we didn’t get around to doing In-App Payments this year. We do have an experimental Payments API (under Expo.DangerZone.Payments), which works only in standalone apps and is only for purchase of physical goods and services: You’ll have to eject if you want to use the native IAP APIs.

Hi @ide Thanks for your reply. I’m specifically looking for In-App purchase mechanism so I will eject.

Couple question I have regarding ejection if you be so kind to answer.

Is npm eject is the same thing as exp detach?

I change react-native to expo version (21.0.0) and the ran exp detach. After I ran pod install in iOS version. Should this be enough for me to install native apps tool? Also, do I have to run dependency update command on android as well?

Pardon my ignorance. Thanks

If you used npm eject and chose ExpoKit, that’s the same as detaching. It’s hard to say if things will work for you but you can always try creating a new project and carefully following the ExpoKit instructions on to make sure you can compile a simple project.

@ide Thanks so much! I have successfully detached and ran pod install in iOS version. Everything seems to work IF i keep running exp start command in terminal. Once I stop this command and open iOS app from simulator it gives an error saying “Tunnel packager{name} was not found” with another bunch of errors. Is there any guide to deal with this?

Andriod version is having some issues but I think a separate thread would be appropriate for that.

You still need to run exp start and the React Native packager when you detach, that’s what makes the JS available to the app. Please read the docs thoroughly (, if you need help tomorrow or next week you can open another thread.

Will do. Thanks for your help

Hi @ide. Is the implementation of an IAP planned or in scope? And isnt’t this exactly what we need to implement IAP?

checkout below library for In App Purchase supporting both android and ios.

github repo:

npm repo: react-native-iap - npm