Expo Payments IOS and Managed Workflow

I’m researching about possible options to use for handling payments in a managed Expo app.

From the docs:

Expo includes support for payments through Stripe and Apple Pay on iOS via ExpoKit, and Stripe on Android (plus Android Pay via ExpoKit).


The Payments module is currently only supported the bare workflow on iOS. If you have a managed workflow project, you’ll need to move to the bare workflow in order to use this module on iOS.

What am I giving up if I eject from managed to bare workflow?

The app that I’m working on ATM uses Stripe for one type of payment (a subscription) and an API for the rest of the payments. API calls are done from the backend, the user only needs to fill in his payment info.

However we are probably going to keep using Stripe for the subscription payments.

Is it possible to make Apple payments with Stripe or other in a managed workflow?
What are your strategies for managing payments on IOS?
Is anyone using tipsi-stripe or expo-payments-stripe? What’s your experience?

Basically I’m looking for suggestions/experience in setting up a payment integration that will work in both platforms.


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