Any libraries that integrate payments that don't require detatching

Hey guys. Is anyone aware of a payments library that can be used without detaching from expo? I’ve been putting my app on hole for a while now until I figure out how to handle payments.

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I’ve looked and haven’t found any.

What about stripe ? Didn’t use it with RN/Expo but I know that they have a JS API that should do the trick

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I’ve been looking into this. It seems like up until recently, detaching or using stripe javascript API are your only options. However, I saw that Stripe offers a service where you can charge “apple pay via the web”-- I’m not sure if this is new or not. It’s marketed as being new-- but I’m not sure how new “new” is.

All that said, I’m trying to figure out if it’s against apple policy to have a web page with said stripe apply pay feature, and to have that pop up in react-native’s WebBrowser component (or in an iframe). If the answer is yes, this would be a pretty good short-term solution (compared to detaching). However, I’m leaning towards it maybe being against apple policy to do that “out of app” in WebBrowser.

I shot the question at expo but didn’t hear back yet:

@brent I’ve read your comments on apply pay/google pay over on I know some sort of solution for payments is on the roadmap. In the mean time, I just saw this “Apply Pay on the Web” feature from stripe. It seems you can host a react-stripe-element button on the web and it will use apple pay. So, presumably, it seems like you could use the WebBrowser api (or even an iframe maybe) to show this “Apple Pay on the Web” button to accept payments or do apple pay subscriptions via expo? Does this pass the smell test for you, or is it better to look at ejecting and using [insert whatever the RN best practice is for applypay/googlepay].

On the surface, it sounds like a pretty reasonable short-term solution while waiting for a more official solution from expo.

more reading:


Thanks for an informative reply man. This looks like a fantastic alternative to detaching.

Fingers crossed apple would accept this as an alternative. Keep us updated when they get back to you as I’d love to hear their response.

Unfortunatley, this is just for applepay and that can’t be used for “in-app purchases” which are different:

“note that Apple Pay cannot be used instead of in-app purchases” source

Unfortunately this is just validation I think

Make sure you guys all vote on the feature:

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