WebBrowser and Redirect in Standalone app via TestFlight Returns Error (code -1004)

I’m trying to deploy my project in the App Store but i’m having issues redirecting back to my app after a user has Authenticated through the WebBrowser component.

I have "scheme": "projectCharlotte", in my exp.json
and following the Auth0 example provided on the documentation page for WebBrowser I have this to specify the linking url:

if (Constants.manifest.xde) {
  redirectUri = 'exp://6g-ss9.awoodall.project-charlotte.exp.direct/+/redirect';
} else {
  redirectUri = `${Constants.linkingUri}/redirect`;

The logs on my server show the correct redirect url of projectCharlotte:///redirect

but I receive the following error in the app after a user successfully Authenticates and redirects:

To deploy the app I followed the Building Standalone Apps guide.

Any ideas?