Webbrowser Auth0 not working on Standalone Testflight

I am using Expo.WebBrowser.openBrowserAsync for my authentication, and it worked well on expo, but standalone with testflight doesn’t work.

the error message shows in sfsafariviewcontroller, sth like

safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid

My Expo version is 20, iOS

I fail when I am redirecting to my app, my redirect uri is


I’ve looked all of other issues related to this.
need help.


sorry for the trouble you are having.

just to clarify, you replaced “MYAPPSCHEME” with your own apps app scheme?

and put in your app.json file an entry to register your app scheme like this?

and ran the build process to build your app after doing that? (Some stuff needs to be compiled into the binary at build time to register a scheme).

If you did all those things can you post any errors and concretely what the values are in the URLs you are using and your app.json configuration?